What are the benefits of this research?

During the study, 18 patients withdrew from the PSD502 group (out of 200 people) and four withdrew from the placebo group (out of 100 people), primarily due to withdrawal of consent. This left 278 men with an average age of 35 years for the study.

At the start of the study, the men said the sex lasted for about 0.6 minutes. In the three months studied, both groups of men reported an increase in the average length of sexual activity, but this increase was greater in the PSD502 group: 3.8 minutes in the PSD502 group and 1.1 minutes. in the placebo group. This represents a 6.3-fold increase with the maxman spray and a 1.7-fold increase with the placebo.

Men using the PSD502 vaccine reported significantly higher levels of their ejaculatory control and sexual satisfaction on the Adult Addiction Report than the placebo group. At the end of the study, two-thirds (66%) of the men in the PSD502 group rated their maxman spray as “best” or “good,” compared with 15% in the placebo group.

No adverse events were reported but approximately 3% of men and 3% of their partners in the PSD502 group and 1% of men in the placebo group reported adverse events that were discontinued. detrimental effects on health care. None of the male pairs in the placebo group reported adverse events. The most common adverse events in the PSD502 group included redness of the genitals, loss of erection, and sensation of the genitals in their partners.

What do researchers mean by these results?

Researchers concluded that PSD502 delayed ejaculation and improved control of ejaculation. They say it improves sexual satisfaction in men with an early period of activity and seems to agree. They conclude, “PSD502 is thus found to be of greater importance than other remedies for [prematurity] treatment.”

What does the NHS Counselor do through this program?

This finding suggests that the PSD502 vaccine may delay ejaculation in men with premature ejaculation. Its strengths include its size, design, and use of double blinding and placebo controls. Many numbers are noted:

This study only included men with an earlier diagnosis of prematurity and the results would not be representative of what would have happened to men with only a few episodes. leave early or just want to delay ejaculating.

Even with the placebo control group, men can predict the treatment they use, as the PSD502 vaccine has local anesthesia and seems to produce an unpleasant sensation. Fitting. If participants were to predict which maxman spray they were using, this would affect their rating of their sexual satisfaction and ejaculatory control.

There may be some degree of error in the sexual phase, as this is done by the participants themselves. This will affect both groups.

Additional controlled clinical trials should determine whether the PSD502 vaccine is more effective than other early-stage treatments, such as behavioral or other measures. medicine.

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